Linux Server Management Our team of certified technicians excel at provisioning complete Server Management Services, including wide range server administration and an excellent knowledge base. You get 24*7 unlimited and uninterrupted access to our Linux Server Technical Support Team. Flopv remotely takes care of all the technical issues that your server may face, such as server optimization, server security and monitoring.

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Reactive Starter

$20.00/M Regularly $50.00 Buy Now
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Reactive Enterprise

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Proactive Enterprise

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Support 24x7 Reactive support 24x7 Reactive support 24x7 Proactive support
Number of Ticket Unlimited tickets Unlimited tickets Unlimited tickets
Webserver Security
Security Audit
SSH Security
Firewall configuration
Server Monitoring
Databases Backup and Management
Environmental security
Apache Tweaking
Backup Management
Securing Binaries
DNS recursion restriction
$20.00/M Regularly $50.00 Buy Now
$50.00/M Regularly $100.00 Buy Now
$100.00/M Regularly $200.00 Buy Now

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